Decouple your Laravel code using Attribute Events

Getting to work

Store action on the OrderController

Let’s refactor

Method to update stock on the Product model
  • Processing email and calling external systems are not the responsibility of the model.
  • We’ll always have to use the updateStock method to update the stock, which can quickly be forgotten.

Time to decouple

Attribute Events on the Product model
Route events to listeners
  • The model doesn’t have to deal with side effects such as sending emails.
  • If we need to adjust stock in a new place, we don’t have to worry about performing necessary side effects or calling special methods. The listeners will always trigger when the data is updated.
  • If a new requirement arises, only an additional listener needs to be added.
  • The code is nicely decoupled. We can put the listeners anywhere, completely separate from the calling code. Especially useful when using a folder-by-feature structure.
OrderController@store action without side effects
Simple code that doesn’t have to deal with side effects 👌



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